Art market

Christie’s: one of the largest art auction houses

There are many companies involved in art auctions today. Christie’s is one of them. Christie’s is one of the most reputable and important…

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How do the prices of certain works explode?

This problem is a practical problem in the life of an artist, and it is a very reasonable one. The main reason for…

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Art market: how does an auction house work?

The sale of works of art can take place in a specialised house. It can be done through auctions or otherwise. Nowadays, it…

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What is the relationship between artists and the art market?

Art plays a crucial role in human life today, as it is an ideal escape from real life. Art allows artists to give…

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Why has the art market grown?

The dynamism of the art market continues to grow despite the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Art is now becoming a…

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