What is the relationship between artists and the art market?

Art plays a crucial role in human life today, as it is an ideal escape from real life. Art allows artists to give shape to their imaginations, but above all to their dreams. For art lovers, art allows them to escape from a monotonous everyday life for a moment and enter the world created by the artist. Another equally important relationship exists in this sense. This is the relationship between the artist and the art market.

On the important place of art in human life today

The world is changing constantly these days due to the new technologies that are gradually becoming omnipresent in everyday life. As a result, it is clear that a new era is taking shape, the digital age. Virtually all areas of life in society are now digitised and digitalised. In a world where what is pragmatic is now the law, imagination remains crucial to escape this automated everyday life. Art therefore has a key place insofar as it allows us to exercise the part of the imagination that is present in everyone.

The art market in a completely digitalized world

Often, when we talk about the art market, it is actually the large art galleries that are in the limelight. This is because the art market involves the trade in the artist's finished work. The problem is actually that the artist will have more impact on the market if these works have been promoted several times by a recognised art gallery. It is in this sense that art galleries are important in the art world. With the advent of technology, this field is also somewhat digitized. Many art galleries now have their own websites.

The relationship between the artist and the art market

In reality, in the art market, gallery owners do not have a very good reputation. This is due to the fact that they receive a more or less large percentage of the sale of a work of art despite the fact that they do not own the work. Nevertheless, it is important to take their point of view into account. Not only do they exhibit the work, but they are also obliged to promote it, not to mention the risk they take with each work of art.

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