Françoise de Felice: the splendour of Sicilian baroque!

Françoise de Felice was born in Paris. But she left the country in 1982 and settled in Italy, a country that has become one of her greatest sources of inspiration. It was not until 1999 that she decided to settle permanently in Amillis, a pretty village in Seine-et-Marne where she regularly prepares international exhibitions.

Who is Françoise de Felice?

Born of an Italian father and a French mother, Françoise de Felice is a renowned artist who stands out for her exceptional style. She spent 20 years of her life in Paris, her native city. From her early childhood, she was introduced to graphic art by her grandmother. Later she studied at the Beaux-Arts. Even in class, she stood out from the other students with her exceptional talent. At the age of 14, she started painting in oils. Portraits of black and green women were her favourite subjects and led to her first successes. Later she continued her studies at the Sorbonne and the Beaux-Arts. After moving to Sicily, Italy in 1982, she decided to become a professional painter. Françoise DE FELICE's works have now acquired a worldwide reputation and are highly rated on the art market.

What are the specificities of Françoise de Felice's paintings?

Françoise de Felice is known for her paintings featuring women with well drawn faces expressing both tenderness and melancholy. But sometimes you can find the presence of a man on some of her paintings. In short, she has created her own style inspired by the female world. As a free listener, she takes art lovers on a journey through time with her paintings that mix love, eroticism and melancholy. Her most popular works include The Fabergé Egg, The Snow Sisters, The Long Night, The Girl of Choice and many others. She has also participated in numerous national and international exhibitions.

The splendour of the Sicilian Baroque: a subject highlighted by the artist?

After settling in Sicily, Françoise de Felice was inspired by her environment to paint her canvases. The splendour of the Baroque and the Mediterranean has become one of her favourite subjects. Painted with luminous colours, her works are of a rare beauty. Are you looking for a work by the artist? You can find it in a physical or virtual art gallery. To save time, it is advisable to browse the online catalogues. With just a few clicks, you can find what you are looking for.

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