Who is the most famous painter in the world?

Various works of art and paintings have been produced throughout history, but only a few have survived and are still present in history today. The older they get, the more valuable they are. Behind every famous painting, work or picture there is a talented painter. There are many famous painters such as Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso or Claude Monnet. However, there is one who stands out from the crowd and is the most famous.

Who is the most famous painter?

Born on 15 April 1452 in Vinci, this famous painter is also a sculptor, a scholar, an architect, but also an Italian man of science. He is a person with a thirst for discovery who tries to know the secrets of nature and the laws of physics. This painter who is a great dreamer and has a futuristic imagination remains unforgettable. Known thanks to his numerous quotations, but especially his most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci is the most famous painter in the world.

What is so special about him?

"I intend to leave an indelible memory in the minds of mortals", said Leonardo da Vinci. His wish was fulfilled, because even today, five hundred years after his death, his works still fascinate us. He saw art as a scientific investigation of nature. Considered a genius with a universal spirit, he illustrated and sometimes interpreted the Renaissance. He is considered to be the emblem of the Renaissance because of his curiosity. Leonardo da Vinci also contributed to the renovation of painting during the Renaissance.

What are his works?

There are about twenty-two existing works by Leonardo da Vinci such as the Baptism of Christ or the Annunciation, but only five are the most famous. The Mona Lisa or the portrait of the Mona Lisa is his most famous work. It is the greatest masterpiece of the Italian High Renaissance. It can be found in the Louvre Museum in room 6. Vitruvius was a Roman architect. The famous drawing Vitruvian Man illustrates the human body according to the architect. It is placed in the cabinet of drawings and prints of the Galleries of the Academy in Venice. The Last Supper depicts the last meal of Christ with his apostles. This painting now adorns the walls of a church linked to the Dominican convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. The most expensive masterpiece in the world is Salvator Mundi, now in the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The painting depicts St. Anne, the Virgin and the Child Jesus playing with a lamb and like the Mona Lisa, it is on display in the Louvre in Paris.

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