Which museums can be viewed in augmented reality?

For years, augmented reality expertise has been multiplying in areas and territories of historical, artistic and scientific heritage. Canada, United States, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom ... CLIC France offers you a world tour of these showcases and tours in augmented reality between 2010 and 2017.

Natural history museums

We are going to present four museum themes, including natural history museums, science museums, art collections, etc. For the exhibition entitled "Heroes and Legends", high reality is used to bring to life holograms of famous astronauts. The entire chronicle is dedicated to the men and women involved in the American space project. Holograms throughout the building help early astronauts and NASA legends recite their stories to all visitors. However, one of the most famous holograms is the hologram of astronaut Gene Cernan. He undertook a remarkable conquest of space outside his Gemini 9 capsule. Cernan's spacewalk, which was only the second in human history, almost ended in disaster when a malfunction on board his spacecraft caused it to overheat. This blurred his visor and left him virtually blind. Supported by voice-overs, visitors can enjoy watching a screen of Cernan's hologram recounting the space walk from hell.

The Museum of Fisheries Science

Since June 2017, the Magdalen Islands Museum has been giving away a mobile smartphone app allowing its users to view giant sperm whale skeletons, in the flesh, through augmented factuality. This new digital mediation tool is based on the technological advance of Tango, which is being adapted by the company 44Screens. Its teams have planned an educational and interactive exhibition for young and old alike. They use augmented reality. Thanks to the use of this application, the skeleton of the giant whales is restored to its original size and skin. The Smithsonian's oldest museum hall is officially renovated with new technologies for the Skin & Bones exhibition.

Heritage museums

It is quite possible to have tours in which the visitor is an "actor". This is a tour in which you are the hero or heroine. This is the most complete tour in terms of content on the tablet or activities. It offers an authentic tour, animations, interactive games, and videos with the aim of transporting the beneficiaries to the last centuries. It is possible, for example, to appreciate the Abbey of Villers as it was when it was built. This is the result of augmented reality.

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