Light Painting: a “luminous” art

Light Painting is the art of mastering light through photography. The devices used can change depending on the desired results. You need to use good equipment to succeed in light painting. The exposure on the photographic plate must be adjusted. Light art can be done by a professional or a modern photography amateur.

What is light painting?

Light Painting is primarily a photographic technique. It emphasizes the creation of streaks of light. The artist must combine a long exposure with the use of one or more light sources. To get good results, it is recommended to emphasize the exposure time. You should have a dark space to avoid overexposure. By adopting light painting, you will only be allowed two variations. You should know that this technique is suitable for all types of photographs. As it is a visual technique oriented towards photographic shooting, it must be carried out by a reliable and reputable expert.

Discover the techniques of light painting

To be successful in light painting, you need to use the right accessories. Your camera must be equipped with a manual mode. It is essential to use several light sources to enhance the results. A creative mind is needed to master the techniques of light painting. There can be many light sources used. You can limit yourself to a torch and LED lights. To create colour effects, gelatine and filters can be added. The device used must be stationary to get good results in the end. It is possible to use a remote trigger to perfect the details and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Defining light art through light painting

Light art requires a good quality of shooting. You must select manual mode at all costs. To save the images, opt for RAW formats. Several settings should be made to avoid bad results. Obviously, the success of light painting depends on practical issues. It is essential to adjust your exposure. To get the desired effects, it is possible to undertake several trials. If you want to perfect the movements from the light sources, think about the shooting. The media should be selected carefully.

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