What is dripping?

The dripping technique has become an essential trend in the field of plastic art. To do this, you must have all the necessary materials. Then, you must follow all the mandatory steps for the realization. If necessary, take specialised courses to become a professional in this field.

What exactly is dripping?

Dripping is known as an art technique. It is easy to do. However, it requires practice and training to master it perfectly. It consists of superimposing many colours on a horizontal area. You have to drip or let the paint run over the canvas. This technique is very popular with famous artists. You can do it with acrylic paints, spun gels or in abstract painting. In addition, you must have all the necessary materials to avoid inconvenience. It is best to buy from a reputable specialist. If necessary, you can attend suitable courses. In this way you can receive tailor-made support.

How do I practice dripping?

To practise dripping well, you can drip a paint with a pierced bottom. Then you have to move it over your work. In this way, you will get splashes and drips. You can also achieve this result by using a brush. Simply dip the brush into a very liquid paint and let it flow. If you want a liquid texture, feel free to mix it with water. In some cases, you can use an acrylic binder for a good preparation of collage, inlays and colours. By choosing this solution, the colour can be fully expressed in smoothness and brightness.

What should I remember about dripping?

In order to drip, you need to follow a few compulsory steps. First of all, you have to choose the medium. You can choose a sheet of paper, a classic canvas, cardboard, wood, a wall or a thick fabric. Then you have to choose your paint. This step is crucial for the final appearance of the work. You can choose matte, fluid, shiny, multicoloured, thick, monochrome, etc. Next, you need to dip your brush into the paint pot. Move it more or less quickly over the canvas at a variable distance. The aim is to create sinuosities with various effects. Do not hesitate to mix colours and play with the thickness.

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